Push notifications advertising network

Install the code on the website and collect your subscribers database. Receive money from each click on advertising in push notifications by your subscribers.
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For Webmasters

Are you sure you saw everything? Just try our service.
Stable work
A powerful platform capable of withstanding up to 1 billion push notifications a day. Fast working interface
High bids
We sell traffic to direct advertisers without intermediaries, which ensures maximum profit.
Flexible settings
You decide how many times a day to send advertising to your subscribers. A large number of options
Daily payments
We understand how important stable payments are for our partners. We pay daily!
Conversion tracking
Detailed statistics. You get transparent information about how we convert your traffic into money
Advertising filter
Tools to reduce database burnout. Block ads of questionable content and suspicious ads.

How everything works

A few simple steps separate you from getting passive income from your website.
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You go through registration
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Add website to the system
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Create a block and choose a design
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Install a code on the website
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Receive money for ad clicks

Questions and Answers

What is push-subscription?
This pop-up window in the browser in which the user is invited to subscribe to the newsletter of your website. By clicking the "Allow" button, the user subscribes and gets into your subscriber database.
What are the advantages of the push format?
Advertising does not occupy space on the website and does not reduce the income of other monetization channels. A site visitor only needs to subscribe to push notifications once and you will receive income from it until he unsubscribes.
Is there a risk of sanctions from search engines?
Today, search engine policies are not aimed at banning website monetization via push subscriptions. Search engine algorithms fight with "black" subscription methods — by forcing the user to subscribe (a pop-up window without a possibility of closing it, until the user subscribes, etc.), we are also against using this format.

When installing our push-subscription code, there was not a single case of search engine pessimization.
What websites can be added to the system?
We accept all websites whose subject does not violate the law
How much will I earn?
Наш аукцион продает крупнейшим рекламодателям каждый клик с push-рассылки по вашей
When will I get my money?
You will start earning with the appearance of the first subscribers in your database. We make payments on daily basis.
What do I get money for?
Our auction sells every click from push-notifications from your database to the largest advertisers.
You get paid for every user click from your database.

You can also instantly sell a subscription to our system, and get more revenue right away.

Bonus for partners from 1000 subscriptions per day

+ 50% on the first payment in a week!

* When working with the Revshare model

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